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Full Throttle Folk

A self-described 'moron with a guitar and a big mouth,' Boxcar Hex has been a singer and songwriter for three decades, performing in venues around the country.


Best known for his work in Diana's Bath, The Shipwrecks, ¡Löco!, and Shyneboxx, Boxcar Hex has long followed the music down many winding roads. His songs are open and honest with tongue planted firmly in the cheek. Combining witty lyrics with catchy melodies, Boxcar Hex is an artist lost in time, molded in life and out to bring a smile to audiences.


Born in Upstate New York and raised in Northern New Jersey, Boxcar Hex has produced a catalog of songs containing the twangy echoes of Johnny Cash, Woody Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen paired with the bite of AC/DC and The Ramones, mixed with a chaser of Rolling Stones’ swagger. This sound comes from the experiences gained in the serenity of New England and the sting of the East Village.


Hex calls this mix ‘Full Throttled Folk’ and it’s the sound that has echoed in clubs, festivals and porches throughout New York and New Jersey. One part “Blowin’ in the Wind”, one part “Black Throated Wind” and one part “Riding on the Wind,” it’s the product of a songwriter who has not only listened to a variety of music but also internalized that music and formulated a sound all his own.


With his first solo debut release, ‘Sonic Sunrise’, Boxcar Hex expands the boundaries of what is possible within the realm of folk music. Adding synths and percussion to a new set of songs, ‘Sonic Sunrise’ has already sparked the imagination of audiences. Prior to its release, it has already been added to several radio station playlists across the country.

Boxcar Hex continues to push his own art forward. For that, the future of Full Throttle Folk music is quite promising.

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